Resistant fitness band for men and women.
Injury – Pink
Beginners – Green
Intermediate – Purple
Advanced – Grey

Also Pregnancy & new mum


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The DYNA-BAND© are colour coded according to their strength of resistance catering for all abilities and levels of fitness from the mature exerciser to the fit young male/female. Pink – Light Strength – For after injury the mature exerciser & young sporting athlets Green – Medium Strength – For beginners, new to resistance exercise & sports warm ups, agility & flexibility training. Purple – Heavy Strength – For those used to resistance exercise, Excellent for increasing sporting speed and endurance Grey- Extra Heavy Strength – For the strong and athletic, can build and strengthen muscles Each Dyna-Band© come with a well illustrated and easy to follow instruction booklet

The New Dyna-Band Pregnancy & New Mummy Workout inassocaited with pregnancy fitness expert Fit4Mum Inculdes a Pink Dyna-Band and a safe & effective workout routine that can be used week by week through your pregnancy and on into Motherhood. Shape your Pre & Post Natal Mummy Muscles Cope with your changing body shape Build your strength for labour Regain & Improve your figure

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weak-pink, medium-green, strong-purple, extra strong-grey, Pregnancy & New mum


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